Answers to Your Top Questions About DV-2016 Selection

[Answers provided by U.S. Department of State – Consular Affairs]

1. I’m still getting an error message when I try to check my status in ESC. What should I do?
If you are receiving an “invalid information” error, please be sure you are typing the confirmation number correctly. Many people confuse the number 1 (one) and the letter I, or the number 0 (zero) and the letter O. If you are sure you are entering everything correctly and you continue to get an error, please contact the Kentucky Consular Center via email at [email protected] You will need to provide screenshots of the error message, your name, email, date of birth and confirmation number.

If you are receiving a “session timed out” error, please try different browsers and clear your cookies and cache (click here for more info on browser’s cache, cookies, and history). If you have tried several times and you continue to see a “session timed out” error, please contact KCC as described above.

2. Why were there only 84,000 selectees this year? How many were selected from my country?
The 84,000 number is an estimate; the actual number will be released in the coming days, along with the number of selectees by country. All selectees have been announced and can check their status on the Entrant Status Check website. There is greater interest in the DV program every year, and so more people are pursuing their applications to completion. That means we don’t have to draw as many “extra” cases to make up for people who drop out. Also, we have made technical changes to the program, such as the introduction of the DS-260 application form, which has streamlined processing for applicants and the Department. The number of selectees may change every year, based on these kinds of factors. The of available visas does not change.

3. My status was “not selected.” Is there any chance that will change or there will be another draw?
If you saw a message that you have not been selected, that is your final result. We do not expect a second draw for DV-2016.

4. So, what happened with the notifications?
We thank everyone for bringing the issue to our attention. Our technical teams reviewed reports submitted to the Department, and it became apparent that systems issues were preventing some entrants from properly viewing their entry status confirmation. Once the underlying issue was identified, it was quickly addressed. This was not a systems-wide issue. Millions of individuals were able to properly receive confirmation of their entry status. If you received an error message, we encourage you to check your status again, until you see your notification. It is important to note that this was an issue only with notification on the ESC website. It did not affect the results of the lottery itself.

5. Why do I need to keep my confirmation number until June 30?
If you were selected, you will need your confirmation number to access your appointment date on the ESC site.

Remember: There is no fee to enter the DV lottery. If you are selected, the DV processing fee will be paid at the U.S. embassy or consulate at the time of your visa interview.